Japanese equities experience

With over 50 years’ experience managing Japanese equities and working in the Japan Stock markets, you can be confident that we have the expertise and knowledge to invest your money wisely.

One of the reasons for our success has been strong Alpha generation, but just as importantly avoiding earnings downgrades. We are long-term investors and have held many mid and small cap positions for three or more years.

We are pragmatic and realise that short-term opportunities do arise from time to time and are not afraid to maximise returns from these events. Having lived through numerous economic cycles these events don’t come along that often but when they do they can hugely contribute to returns.


Polar Japan Growth

As founding Fund Manager at Polar Capital, James ran their Polar Japan Fund for 18 years. During 2001 and 2013, the Fund significantly outperformed, making it one of the top performing Japan Funds in the country. 85% of this outperformance came from stock picking versus 15% from asset allocation.

When James left Polar the fund was ranked 10/103 since inception and over three years 31/126.

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How we will invest your money

Our long-term investment approach means we need to be able to identify investments that will do well over several years. For this reason, we have in place a robust investment proposition that endeavours to:

  • Deliver outperformance of the TSE First Section Index with dividends reinvested
  • Adopt an All Cap Strategy with focus on Mid/Small Cap and under researched companies
  • Use a blended approach focusing on Value and GARP
  • Manage a limited amount of money in the space due to liquidity concerns


Our strong investment process aims to meet our investors’ objectives and to maximise capital returns; however, in terms of importance, we place equal weight to the protection of capital.


Schroder Japan growth turnaround

The Schroder Japan Growth Fund was a high-profile Fund. In 1997, James became Lead Manager and restructured the portfolio into Blue Chip Nifties. 

The following year, the Fund switched to “New Japan” stocks with the result the NAV doubled and in 1998 beat the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) First Section by 46%. It was also named the Lipper/Reuters Fund of year.

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