Patient, pragmatic investing for the long-term investor

Prodigy is a boutique asset management firm focused on Japanese equities. Established in January 2020, we are an Investment Manager for an open-ended Luxembourg fund.

With over 30 years’ experience of managing Japanese equities, the winner of multiple Fund Manager awards, and with access to a huge personal database of mid and small Japanese companies, we have both the knowledge and experience to deliver real value to investors. 


Why Prodigy is different

Flexible, agile and truly aligned with the interests of our investors, we are a boutique firm, interested in developing long term relationships with our clients, whether that’s stockbrokers, banks, high net worth individuals or institutions.

Specialising in Japanese investments, Prodigy is 100% owned by staff, so your money will always be treated like it’s our own. Our team of dedicated investment professionals, who have years of fund management experience, are always fully focused on managing your money, with our marketing risk and regulation outsourced to Spring Capital and Prodigy Capital LLP. Prodigy has ambitions to run a total of four strategies over its five year business plan which are likely to include the Far East, global and total returns strategies.

We are also committed to putting in place a rigorous ESG Investment process. Portfolio construction has changed dramatically in the thirty years we have been covering Japan and there is now an increasing need to look not just solely at economic factors but on environmental and corporate governance issues. We will be looking to outsource some of these important investment processes to expert consultants.

We are also looking to support several charities, including The Butterfly Thyroid Trust.

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Our investment focus

Our focus is on the long-term approach to investment with the aim of making absolute capital gains and protecting capital. For this reason, we use investment strategies that are  known to achieve long-term success and use a blended approach focusing on Value and GARP.

We don’t invest in indices, but companies, which we know will maximise capital returns for our investors. Our rigorous value approach has been tested over 30 years and includes thorough research with top sector analysts, industry contacts and companies.

Disciplined, pragmatic and above all nimble, our common-sense approach aims to deliver sustainable returns for our clients.

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About The Prodigy Japan Fund

The Prodigy Japan Fund invests in Japanese equities for income and capital growth. We seek to identify investments that will do well over several years and adopt a value/growth at a reasonable price investment style to maximise return for our investors. Capping the size of the fund to avoid liquidity problems, we will primarily focus on Mid/Small caps and under-researched companies.

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